Datto - Device Status Redesign

During my internship at Datto, the second task I was given to work on was the redesign of the Device Status page. This page is mainly used by tech support when checking up on devices of Datto's clients. Whenever someone calls in for assistance, this page is where the tech support mostly works out of. That being said, the older version of this page was immensely messy and disorganized, with repeating bits of information, and no pattern at all. Here is an image:

I started my process with conducting user research by visiting multiple tech support employees, making sure to get feedback from multiple tiers, as well as tech support management. I wanted to know what information was most viable on the page, and what wasn't as important, so that I could rearrange everything to make the experience of using the page as convenient as possible. To solidify the hierarchy of the information, I gathered employees from each tech support tier, and conducted a card sorting exercise to get a feel for how I should go about grouping the information.

I told the participants of the exercise to first work together to group the information on the yellow notes in the way they saw fit. Once they were done, I instructed them to write the possible names of those groups on the orange notes and put them above the group they are assigned to. I then had them mark each of the yellow notes that contained information they all valued highly. This helped me group the information on the page in a meaningful way and display them so the most important parts were quick and easy to find.

With continuous iteration, here is how my design evolved:

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